Learn A Fine Idea On How To Contest A Will

Power of judiciary to get legitimate property

Due to excessive rise of fraud and cheating I am forced to do my graduation in Law. Later I found it interesting and continue my studies to higher level. I enjoy my work as a lawyer and love to direct my clients by giving effective and dejure authenticated advices to get justice. There are so many kinds of people came in front of me in my past practices that are cheated for their own rights. It’s my personal experience that each case provides continuous learning and renovates the knowledge. I was good in a study that’s why I am familiar with all the necessary information required inside court room. I also found plenty of information on how to contest a will. See the process flow in the below image



Protect your right Judicial ACTS

To safeguard our rights, the government and our respective judiciary forms various ACTS. ACT in 1955 is formatted for Family Protection and to challenge a will in family court. For the right of deceased’s property of close relative and to get legitimate shares, one can request and inquire on how to contest a will in the court for justice under the ACT of Family Protection. Law Reform act allows a person to file a case and claim for the property even if they are not from close family but having a part of share in the will. The Will can also be challenged in context of its validity to assure for the authentication and genuine signatures. Under the ACT of property division, an individual can challenge for their rightful piece of share in the property according to Will. No one can bind a person to file a case in High court as well as in family court for their legitimate part of property. The ACTS are formatted to challenge freely in the court and to get justice. But all these processes required authentic evidences either in a form of witnesses or in the form of hardcopies.


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The Difficulties That I Faced When Contesting A Fraudulent Will

What made me contest a will?

The day when I came to know that my younger brother had received highest share in the property and the estate made by the will before the death of my father I was really shocked. This is because my father always treated all five of us equally; he never differentiated between his children. But, it was the truth that 50% of the share was given to him alone, and other 50% of the property share was distributed among four of us. I was very much disappointed due to this, and my father always was very close to me, and he was always telling that before my death I want to make a will in which all of you get an equal share. This made me think that why my father took such a decision without even informing us. My brother was very happy as he had a good share in the property; moreover, my brother was very much fond of making money, I also knew that he can do anything for making money as he always wanted to lead a royal life. When I was thinking about this, I saw him threatening my servant. I was stunned to see this, and then I asked my servant he initially denied saying the truth, but I gave him money, and then he said that he had witnessed my brother making a fake will that is he had forged my father’s signature. I never expected that he can even do such a thing, I then decided to contest a will.

How did I successfully contest a will?

I did not know how to contest a will and the procedure involved in such a legal case. I then decided to seek the help and guidance from my friend, who was solicitor specialized in solving such cases. I also came to know from my servant that my brother was threatening my father and emotionally blackmailing him to change his will as per his desires, but when my father did not agree to do so; he had taken this extreme step of forging my father’s signature. When I said all these things to the solicitor, he assured me to aid me in getting my rights and also supported me in my decision of challenging a will. When I asked my other brothers to support me in this matter, they did not agree to support, as they dint wanted to waste their time as will dispute legal proceedings are very much complex and involve much of the risk. Later I also came to know that my younger brother had bribed all of them to support me not. However, I was ready to face any consequences, and I knew that I was honest and had not done any mistake by taking this decision. I am thankful for the solicitor who aided me and supported me a lot to fight to achieve my right. My brother tried to threaten me and pressurized me in many ways, but I dint bothered about anything my goal was just to get my rights. As I had a strong evidence of the fraud, it was possible for me to win the case. Finally, I had won the case and was able to expose the crime made by my brother. I had faced so many consequences and stress from the time when I decided to contest a will. But, with the aid of my friend’s support and his legal guidance it was possible for me to be determined to my decision and win the case. I am very happy to get my right share in the property.

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It’s Good To Learn About How To Contest A Will

Sophisticated job of UK lawyers

I am working as a senior lawyer from last many years and deals with thousands of judicial cases. Judicial affairs are truly tragic and needs a great concern because all your client expectation connected with the lawyer. Sometimes the situation becomes emotional and other times dangerous but we have to control the situation without any mistake. My huge experience from dozens of property dispute and family battle cases really helps me to work well. I could find plenty of help concerning how to contest a will when refereeing the source available for public.

Battle of Judicial subjects

There are varied reasons to learn how to contest a will. Our judicial system also allows challenging them into the court for justice. Various ACTS are constituted by respective governments and their judicial organization to challenge a will. If the dispute is in between relatives than ACT for Family Protection helps to get your permiscible right. ACT for Law Reform also allows challenging a person for any kind of fraud and cheating for shares or for any property clashes.

Other than this, issues associated to sensitive subjects like divorce or dispute in private relationships may also be dissolved under property ACT 1976. Of course, the entire situation needs evidences with all hardcopies as well as requires lots of paper work with presence of mind to get assured victory.

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How To Successfully Contest A Will And Win?

I had valid reasons for contesting a will

The big and most difficult decision that I made in my life was choosing to contest a will. I went through several difficulties, and it was certainly an emotionally exhaustive process and also unlike other legal cases, will dispute cases involve more complicated legal proceedings, which I came to know when contested a will. I was must very much disappoint when I came to know that the last will or the legal document made by my father to distribute his estate among four of us was not equally distributed. I knew that challenging a will was not that easy, but I wanted to do so as I knew that my father had not done this intentionally, and he had pressurized to do so. I had valid reasons for contesting a will, but did not know how to contest a will, so I decided to consult a solicitor and take guidance regarding this matter. When I consulted the solicitor, he asked me for some valid reasons and proofs to make this case strong. Luckily I had all the essential documents and evidences to prove that my father had made a will due to undue influence.

Going to contest a Will? Few steps to follow

image1When I decided to contest a will, the first difficult thing that I frustrated me was finding the best solicitor having the ability and talents to aid me throughout the legal proceedings and help me to win this case. Thanks to the internet that aided me this task much easier and simpler. I spend some time to search the solicitor over the internet and finally found an attorney who was very good at handling will disputes cases. The attorney who I choose to lead my case was well-experienced in dealing this type of law. He guided me on how to contest a will, solicitor was also very friendly, and he aided me throughout the legal proceedings and even I was very comfortable working with an attorney. Thanks to the attorney because of which I successfully contested a will and also won the case. Even though I had to face some snags initially, emotional stress, breakups in relationships and lots more, but in the end I was certainly very happy to get my proper share in the property. Thanks a ton to solicitor who guided me efficiently and made me win the case. So, if you have a valid reasons and evidences and a support of the best solicitor then it is quite easy to contest a will.

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